Dr. Seuss Day 2017

Dr. Seuss Day 2017

Everyone has a personal favorite Dr. Seuss book, Maybe it was the first one you read, maybe you found it funny or odd. Possibly you loved it because it was the first book you ever read by yourself. March 2nd was the celebration day at
Ozark-Dale County Public Library during the Read Across America Week. Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss was the chosen tome for the day. During the early story time at 10:30 a.m. 

We were blessed to have a big group for both morning & afternoon story time! 
Photo credit:Ruth Rosentrater - Children's Librarian

Look at our beautiful Cat in the Hat! 
Photo credit: Ruth Rosentrater - Children's Librarian

The afternoon group actually read Green Eggs & Ham to ME! I wished I had gotten it on video, my heart was full!
Photo Credit:Ruth Rosentrater - Children's Librarian

As our project we made plates of green eggs and ham from craft foam sheets. The children were able to pick their favorite color for the plate.
Photo Credit: Ruth Rosentrater - Children's Librarian


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